Saturday, November 13, 2010

Simply Amazing...

My slow morning walk in my gardens gave me pause... to enjoy the crisp Autumn air... feel the crunching of the leaves beneath my feet... and make time for much needed reflection... as the beautiful fallen leaves now carpet my grounds.

(Raking the leaves! Did I include that in my November! What I'm Doing in My Gardens list? Oh no... such thoughts of "tasks still to do" will not creep into my mind this quiet morning. This morning is all about reflection and peace and serenity... cue the deep breath.)

Ahh... a gentle breeze lifts the dappled leaves into the air
 and they swirl and twirl 
and dance about with delight.

Soft warm tones of bronze and gold and burgundy...
Autumn's best!

A bouquet of gathered leaves...
Pacific Sunset Maple and Flame Maple.
Which one is which?

Flame Maple (Acer ginnala ‘Flame’)

  Pacific Sunset (Acer ‘Warrenred’)

Both well named.

Random colored splotches
tickle my soul with wonder...

and a sense of joy and love...
a tender mercy sent from heaven above. 


Moving slowly today, November tasks will wait...
Time to mend... a silly fall has cracked my tail bone...ouch!
A joy to walk, even slowly, this Autumn morning, gathering the fallen leaves.
Imagine my surprise to  find a heart shaped blotch on this leaf.
It wasn't until after I had scanned it that I noticed this simple little heart. 

Have you ever received such a tender mercy?

Simply Amazing...


  1. I am sorry to hear you cracked your tail bone. The chores can wait and you then have some time to reflect on nature's beauty. I cracked a rib three weeks ago moving heavy garden pots. So I too have taken some down and reflecting time. Get well, mend fast.

  2. Sorry to hear about your tailbone, feel better soon! I raked leaves yesterday for 3 hours. I feel so sore.

  3. Carolyn, I *love* this post! So sorry to hear about your injury, and I'm sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery -- and a slow, restful pace while you do so. I can sympathize with needing to go slowly. Every time I'm certain I'm over this flu, and start doing normal activities, I relapse and have to settle back into relative inactivity. I think I'm getting a divine message to match the season: slow is good.

    Your scanned artwork is just lovely. Love how you've arranged the leaves in a swirl as if the wind had caught them. And that heart has completely charmed me. :D

  4. Hearts of nature have been turning up for me this year too. While in Yellowstone this summer I found a rock in the shape of a heart and gave it to my mom as we were hiking. Upon visiting her later in the summer, I found she had included it with her treasures. Then, last week I photographed a leaf that I used for my Wordless Wed post that charmed me. They are precious gifts! Sorry to hear about your injury and am wishing you a quick recovery.

  5. Good morning,
    I read most of this post last night, but kept falling asleep, like I always do at that point of the day. I love all your arrangements of leaves for the scanner! I think they would look awesome printed and framed.

    I'm sorry about your tail bone. I hope it heals quickly.

  6. What a beautiful display of leaves, as I was scrolling down through them, they reminded me of a fireworks display! The heart on the leaf is amazing...such a gift. I hope you feel better soon...that is a painful injury.

  7. Your post made me feel the wistfulness of fall. I wish you all the best in recovering from your injury - take care.

  8. love all your fall leave pictures. makes me miss the seasons! I haven't seen any fall leaves yet, but in a week or so...
    We are excited to see everyone!

  9. the leaves collection is awesome


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