Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Melodrama

An Early Morning Bath
 A Melodrama 

Starring Pretty Lady Finch
with Honey Finch as her co-star

Alas, it has been such a long journey...
I must find a place for a cool, soothing bath.

Oh my! There's a grand bathing spot...
I'm so there! 

Fresh, cool, clear running water... divine!

...anyone peeking?

Jump right in!

Splish -Splash, I'm taking a bath!

Ahh, this is so divine.

I hear someone calling... who could that be?

 I'm over here, Honey!

I mean really!
Can't a girl have a few minutes to herself 
without her guy worrying about her?

Just let me dry off  a bit, dear.

Absolutely love this place!
Think I have time to paint my nails?

What's taking that woman so long?

Where did she go?

Hey Sweetie! Where are you!

I'm here dear! In the bush. 
A girl's got to have a little privacy, you know.

Nice place to cool off your feet, Hun!

You're looking mighty fine, Pretty Lady!
Let's go find lunch.


Roll the credits, please....

Many thanks to my old point and shoot camera (the only one I had at the time)
that took the water pics through the kitchen window. 
(My new camera can't do that without focusing on the water spots on the window. 
At least I haven't figured it out yet. Where's that manual?)
And to my lovely daughters who would shout, "The yellow birds are back!" whenever they would see them.  At which point I would make the fast dash to find the camera
and attempt to get to the window before they were gone.
(I wasn't always successful.)

And to the stunning stars:
This little Golden Finch couple arrived in the Springtime on their way to somewhere.
We've never seen this little bird in our gardens before
and much to our dismay, they only stayed a few weeks.
We wish they could have stayed for the entire summer.
It was such a delight to watch them as they made themselves at home in our gardens.
They were a devoted little couple and were never seen far apart from each other.
We're watching for them to pass through again, perhaps on their way back home.
We're not even certain that they are Golden Finch...
that's our best guess after doing a little research.
Does anyone have a better guess?


  1. Such Pretty birds! Fun post and great pics! :)

  2. Oh, Mom! Funny story, I laughed a bit :) Are these new pics? Or are they from when I was there?

  3. Dear Meredhuit, Such fun and beautifully illustrated with your pictures. These birds are charming!

  4. what a lovely story - it brought life to the photos! Hope they come back to your "bird spa"

  5. Wonderful photos and great conversation to go along with them! I can't seem to take such good pics of birds. I love goldfinches in my garden, but down here we only get them in winter.

  6. Enjoyed the story and the photos were so sweet. The bird was a little actress, posing and primping.

  7. What great pictures! Are you using one of those cameras that you set up outside that takes the photos for you?

  8. Hello,
    It's like National Geographic, today:
    - great pictures
    - great Comments
    - funny
    Thank you, I had a great time to look at it.

  9. Dear Meredehuit, that tale is really funny! You must be quite patient to be able to take such photos. Beautiful! Eszter

  10. Beautiful birds and charming story to start the day with a smile :)

  11. Simply beautiful. Such good photographs. I felt like it was a respite from busyness.

  12. Wow! What great photos and even more amazing that you took them through the window.

  13. That is so cute! Really, you should write more.

  14. Did you train them for this show, Meredith? What a perfect performance! It made me smile! Very good pictures! Bravo to your old camera!

  15. I just love your garden and pictures. I hope you have a nice Weekend/Gela (Sweden)

  16. These photos are darling! What a sweet interaction to witness. Thank you so much for sharing these! And, no, a girl can never take more than 30 seconds without her man wondering what's going on! It's their protective nature, I suppose!

  17. Goldfinches are one of my favorite birds. To see them here means fall is on it's way. I keep waiting for them but not yet. Great dialog and photos!

  18. A wonderful photo story, loved it! gail


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