Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ce-le-brate Good Times... Come On!

              ♫    ♫                 ♪♫               ♪
There's a party goin' on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years
So bring your good times, and your laughter too
We gonna celebrate this tomato with you.

Come on now
                          ~Kool and the Gang

First tomato of the season

Fourth of July

and we're having a  

♫   Ce-le-bra-tion!   ♫ 

♫  ♪

May you all have a safe and delightful 
celebration of Independence Day
this weekend!

(and think of us celebrating our little tomato.)

 11:20 PM EDIT:
Went to a fantastic Carrie Underwood Concert tonight
with a huge Fireworks Display. 
 It seems everyone is as excited as we are
about our first tomato of the season!


  1. Awesome, Carolyn! Have a happy fourth. :)

  2. Hello,
    Happy celebration tomatoes day for you and your garden.

  3. I'm snapping my fingers to the beat!!! What fun!! Hope you have a great 4th! How's that tomato getting used? Balsamic vinegar? Cottage cheese? Sandwich?

  4. Love your upbeat post today. And I love your first tomato!! I can taste it, looks so purdy and RED! Have a red,white and blue 4th...

  5. It looks TASTY! And from the photo....many more to come.
    A great July 4th present. Celebrating the freedom to grow your own veggies.

  6. very nice, i bet it was gooooooood!
    happy fourth to you....

  7. Summer is officially started now that the tomatoes are producing!! Congrats and hope you had a lovely holiday weekend :)

  8. Now that IS worth celebrating! It looks almost too pretty to eat. :-)

  9. Hooray for the first tomato! Congratulations! The Sun Gold gave us several first tomatoes, but there are no red tomatoes yet.

  10. What a wonderful cause for celebration! Hope the tomato tasted as yummy as it looks.

  11. What a beautiful tomato! I can't wait until I have tomatoes from my garden to eat.

  12. a very handsome tomato too!

  13. HE HE HE I am more than sure that Kool and the Gang did NOT sing about TOMATOS LOL But you are cleaver.

    Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July. Heat and Rain were the order of the entire weekend here in South Florida

  14. That is a wonderful red tomato. On the 4th too! Your garden is beautiful. Thank you so much for your visit and comments on our garden.

  15. Those are pretty tomatoes! Mine were planted late, and are late forming tomatoes. I have had a few ripe patio tomatoes, but the birds are getting to them before we do, and taking bites out of them. I have some netting I need to get around some of the plants so they can't do that.


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