Sunday, June 27, 2010

NATURE... Best Viewed by Slowing Down

When I first open my eyes upon the morning meadows 
and look out upon the beautiful world, 
I thank God I am alive.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is my Thinking Spot...

  Place where I breathe slow and deep 
and delight in all nature.

Place where I collect my senses
and renew my determination.

Place where I reflect on my world
and make it right.

Do you have a Thinking Spot?

It didn't take long to notice that
someone shared this spot with me.

 He was there all along, above the bench.
Can you see him?

He just sat there
quietly listening to my thoughts,
camouflaged by his surroundings.

I can't help but wonder...

 What else am I missing?

best viewed by slowing down.

Try it!
Today is the perfect day.


  1. Beautiful sentiments and great photography! I'm glad I slowed down long enough to enjoy the post!

  2. What a lovely spot. I enjoy the birds in my yard. Mostly they move in when I finally "stop". Then we enjoy the outside together. Thanks for stopping by CheepRooms.

  3. Wonderful post! The spot is so harmonious!

  4. It's one of the things that I love about my gardens, time seems to slow down, the flowers and veggies are never in a hurry! I love your quiet spot, thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes I have a Thinking Spot, I have just to look to my garden and the bird. It's my favorite moment.

  6. mmm, yes, thank you for your post, there are those anointed moments when the world and our busyness seems to slow down and we can enjoy the divine silence...and often the natural world around us is our greatest teacher...

  7. I do not have a thinking spot, but would love to create one someday. I like how you point out what we can discover, if we just stop and observe. I wonder how much we miss because we hurry through life?

  8. What a lovely sentiment. I, too, have a thinking spot... It's not as pretty as yours but it still does the trick. :)

    Since you live near me I have a question for you. I'm feeding the birds this year and it started out so nice.. doves, finches. Now all I have are starlings. Does that happen at your home? And, is there any way to un-invite them into my yard?

  9. What a lovely bird! I like its coloring. It was posing for you!
    Your thinking spot looks very comfortable. For me, it's usually my turquoise bench. It could be the red bench which I didn't get - I wrote about it in my last post.
    Very good pictures and words in your post, thanks!

  10. I LOVE Your thinking spot! Lately I've been using the side stairs off of our porch- it's shaded and faces the garden, but I haven't had much time for thinking these days! At least for thinking anything other than "I need to pull weeds...I need to pull weeds...I need to pull weeds..."


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