Saturday, June 12, 2010

Leaves of Delight

The tender new leaves of Springtime are a delight to behold!

A morning walk after the rain 
revealed some of the stars of my gardens...

Bloodgood Maple

New growth is a fiery red that softens into a deep shade of burgundy.

Pacific Sunset Maple

Tender new leaves emerge as a vibrant chartreuse
that turn to a deep green. 
Autumn color ranges from orange to bright red.

Flame Maple

New leaves are a soft shade of rust with veins of yellow green,
quickly turning to a green that deepens through the summer.
Autumn color is a beautiful yellow orange.

Japanese Coral Bark Maple

Soft green leaves with distinctive red stems and branches 
that darken as they mature.

Eastern Redbud

New leaves emerge as a soft rusty orange that quickly turn to green.
Autumn color is yellow.
LOVE the heart shaped leaves!

Oklahoma Redbud

Much the same as the Eastern Redbud, 
but much more hardy in dry summer climates. 
The leaves are shiny with an almost wax-like coating that conserves moisture. 
This is a new favorite in my garden! 

 Forest Pansy Redbud

Tender new leaves are a bright burgundy 
that add a touch of green as they mature.
The leaves grow much larger than the other redbuds
making them susceptible to damage from the wind.
I adore this tree, but wish I understood 
the strength of the winds in my gardens before it was planted. 
I would have chosen a different place for it to grow.
The winds of late have beaten those beautiful leaves so much so 
that it was difficult to find an untouched branch to photograph.

Shademaster Honey Locust

New growth begins a soft shade of rust and then becomes a beautiful green.
The tiny leaves are a favorite of mine!

 European Purple Beach

The leaves are always this gorgeous deep shade of burgundy.
I absolutely adore this tree!

♦ ♦ ♦

Fresh new leaves from the trees in my garden...
I hope you enjoyed my morning walk as well!


  1. Great pics! Looks like you know more about blogging now than I ever did...impressive signature on the photos! :)

  2. Thanks for the tag-a-long! It was lovely!

  3. I love the shine to the Oklahoma Red Bud leaves! It's beautiful!

  4. oh i love leaves too which you photographed so well, the forest pansy is my favourite...

  5. Beautiful photography. I love baby tree tender and new. To think that they last the whole season through. Tree leaves are a nice switch-up for a garden blog.

  6. Gorgeous shots, Carolyn. I enjoyed this tour of your garden's trees. :)

  7. Hello,
    When rain falls on the leaves, it looks like diamonds.
    Bravo for your photos.

  8. They are all so lush and beautiful, but I particularly like the photo of the Eastern Redbud -- it looks so abstract with all those beautiful colours. That Purple Beech is a stunner, too!

  9. ooh, I just bought a 'bloodgood' maple ~ the new foliage is gorgeous. Can't wait to see some on mine. The wind damages quite a bit here too.
    btw, I'm in zone 5 too so the Allium (schubertii) you commented about should definitely do fine for you.


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