Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Freezing in My Garden!

This is the Spring of Great Patience

Our early morning temperature this morning 
27˚ F
These little poppies are survivors!

The day declared Frost-free in this zone
May 15
Hm-m. Most likely not this year.

I looked out my window this morning to view the damage. They said it was going to be cold and it was. Br-r-r!  These spunky little poppies bring hope to my soul.

May 15th is generally the "safe day" to plant here in my corner of the kingdom, without fear of Frost. Most years I plant before that date with no problem. My target is to be well on my way to being done before Mother's Day. This year is different. We are experiencing Global Freezing here and I am declaring this the Spring of Great Patience. 

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  1. Great patience has been needed in our area, too. Though the thermometer shows 11°C right now (52°F), a strong and destructive wind makes it feel much cooler. But, it's sunny for now, at least, so I think I'll not complain. I hope the frost didn't do too much damage.


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