Monday, May 10, 2010

I Have a New Love!

Limelight Hardy Hydrangea

I tend to get a little giddy when I discover a plant that's new to me.

This is one of those!
I discovered this shrub on the Proven Winners website.
 and instantly fell in love.

Hydrangea's are a little tricky to grow in Utah
 but this one promises to be a success as long as it gets a little shade during the day.

I've already planted one in my garden and now the hard part begins...
finding patience as I wait for it to grow!


  1. Oh, it is beautiful! Hydrangeas add so much to a garden for so little effort.

  2. Oh yes, finding patience is so hard when it comes to gardening!!! LOL!

  3. Oh that is lovely, I dont think I can grow hydrangeas here in the tropics. I love white/green flowers - they somehow seem so delicate

  4. It looks like a bunch of tiny butterflies all grouped together that could just flutter away at any moment. Charming.

  5. Give it plenty of water and some afternoon shade and it'll will bloom before you know it.

  6. Thank you all for your sweet comments!

  7. I was just thinking I wanted to buy some hydrangea's for my garden. :) And yes, after a week of hard labor I am beginning to be able to call it that!!! :D Got the two huge beds in front composted, mulched and got one of them planted!! :)

  8. good for you! be sure to draw a plan before you begin the next step!


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