Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dahlia Fairy Castles in my Garden Kingdom

Gallery Dahlia Art Nouveau

"I fell in love with Dahlias visiting my Great Uncle's garden as a little girl.  He lived a few minutes from my home, but too far to walk, so mother would often take me there for visits.  Uncle Cliff was a tiny little man, 4'10", but he had a rather large heart for all things gardening.  He and his sweetheart, Elfie, were not blessed with children of their own, but there were many who adored them and loved to visit their beautiful gardens.  
Dahlias galore resided in my Uncle Cliff's gardens and he knew the names of each one of them.  The short varieties stood as sentinels at the edge of his flower beds.  Evenly spaced, they appeared to be the guardians of the garden.  My imagination gave reason to believe these perfect, colorful blossoms were actually parasol's for the tiny creatures who most surely lived in this garden kingdom. If one were extremely patient and had a quick eye, you might see them as they frolicked about.  Patience, unfortunately did not describe me at such a young age, however it never detered me from believing none the less.

The tall, stately dahlias planted  in the heart of the garden were the fairy castles of the kingdom, beckoning my fertile mind to dream of the princes and princesses who surely must reside there. Though I never actually saw them, if I closed my eyes and was very, very still, I could on occasion hear them whispering."

What sweet memories filled my mind 
as I planted Dahlia's in my very own garden this morning!

Dahlia's are perennials native to Mexico, Central America, and Colombia. In my garden, they are annuals, however the tubers can be dug up and stored over winter. The Aztecs gathered and cultivated the dahlia for food, ceremony, as well as decorative purposes, and the long woody stem of one variety was used for small pipes. 

I have chosen the Gallery Dahlia Art Nouveau to brighten my perennial garden this year.  It has beautiful red violet colored blossoms 4" across with deep green leaves.  It will grow 14-18" tall and produce an abundance of flowers throughout the summer months. Pinching the dead blossoms will encourage them to keep blooming. Dahlia's enjoy full sun with light afternoon shade in hot areas. I have planted three plants and I'm quite certain they will become a favorite in my garden this year.

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  1. I've just now discovered your garden blog and wanted to tell you how I am enjoying it although I have not had time to browse through the entire blog. Love your Sweet Memories; you are a great storyteller and the background color of your blog I love because purple is one of my favorite colors..most versions of it. It always soothes my soul.

    Keep up the good work and Thank You for sharing the pictures of your garden with your readers. I think I found your blog through Lona Dawn from Hocking Hill blogspot.


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