Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Neighbors!

What a delight 
to see our
"Guest House" 
occupied this morning. 

Our new little neighbor is singing 
his heart out, 
hoping to entice a fair maiden to join him 
in his lovely new home.


  1. I enlarged the picture - that guy is looking straight at you! Great shot! What a place he (or she) chose - gorgeous blooms!

  2. Is that a sparrow? They sing so beautifully. And what a spectacular home he has, surrounded by those wonderful blossoms!

  3. How fun to have birds make homes in your houses. I enjoy the birds year round, but they just don't seem to like my bird boxes for nesting, choosing instead flower arrangements, wreaths, wrapped-up hoses, and any place else that is NOT appropriate! They are most abundant during the winter when they visit my feeders non-stop. Your little guy is a cutie. Hope he finds a partner!

  4. great shot! I have to start wearing my glasses,lol. When i first seen this I thought it was a mask hanging in the tree, ntil I read tatyana's post about enlarging it. Good thing I did, I would have really missed out. i love your blog.


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