Sunday, April 18, 2010

Black Gold

This was meant to be Saturday's Post, but as you can see, we spent the day working. We finally had some lovely Spring days, and to think that it snowed on Tuesday.

On Friday, we had 15 yards of compost dumped on our driveway and yesterday, we woke up with the sun to spread it in our gardens. We call it Black Gold because of the many benefits it brings to our gardens. The obvious benefit is the deep brown color it adds to our planting areas, like frosting on a cake it makes our landscape more beautiful.  The greater benefit is the nutrients it adds to our soil and that makes our plants happy. It also helps to keep the weeds at bay, especially if you sprinkle PREEN over the surface when you are done spreading.

If you live in Utah County, and you'd like to know our source for this amazing Black Gold, send me a note through the "Have a Question?" link on the left.


  1. Looks like a party! I don't feel TOO bad that I missed it though ;)

  2. Black gold indeed. pat and I use 10-15 yards of sweet peet every year. jim

  3. You've had your fair share of our compost parties, haven't you?! Missed you!

  4. What a beautiful way to describe the compost. But true enough!


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